Entrepreneurship Development Cell

One of the perennial problems that is confronted with our nation is ‘unemployment’. This problem is acute among Educated Youth, Millions of Graduates and Post-Graduates in various disciplines have registered with Employment Exchanges. Very rarely they get interviews and got selected. Even here they do not get proper employment for which they deserve resulting in under employment. The financial crunch faced by both state and Central Governments has almost closed openings for employment in Government Services. Disinvestment in Public Sector Organisations coupled with liberalized approach of the governments towards privatization may create scope for employment in Private Sector. But there is a danger of the employees being exploited by scrupulous managements. Considering these problems, the Governments have now come forward to encourage new entrepreneurs from educated unemployed youth. Technical and Financial Institutions have been suitably instructed to extend the required help by all means to the intending entrepreneurs. Service Organisations volunteer to provide the necessary services to the new venturists.

It is in this context felt necessary to organise Entrepreneurship Development Cell  in our college with a view to encourage students going out of our institution after completing their studies, to take up self-employment oriented projects as their life career.


All the final year students of the Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Courses shall be eligible for enrolling as members.


The cell aims to realise the following objectives
To create an awareness among the cell members about the position of unemployment in India and the necessity of taking up alternative course of action through self-employment.
To enlighten the students about the availability of various self employment oriented projects applicable to various disciplines. The services of D.I.C., T.I.I.C., S.I.D.C.O., and other organization shall be increasingly utilised through guest lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences.
To arrange specific training programmes in a particular venture to acquaint the students with the practical knowledge. Resource persons from practical field and entrepreneurs shall be invited to the training programmes.
To depute select students to employment oriented programmes organised by other institutions
To send students to undertake field surveys and to guide them in the preparation and appraisal of project reports.
To create a resource centre for providing theoretical knowledge about various proposals. Books, Journals and Project reports released by Government and Technical Institutions shall be purchased and a mini library will be maintained.
To organise self employment oriented programmes during vacation and the Youth from neighbouring villages shall be permitted to participate in such programmes.
To maintain liaison with Government and Voluntary Organisations associated with self employment programmes.
To utilise the parents of our students who are engaged in business, industry and commerce by requesting them to share their experience with our cell members.
Last but not the least, the cell activities shall not substantially affect the college routine.
The Cell achieves the above mentioned objectives through a number of training programmes, seminars, workshops etc.,
The Cell offers certificate course in Entrepreneurship Development.