Department of English

The Department of English was established in June 1971. It had been teaching English as Part II language to the students of PUC, B.A., B.Sc., courses since the inception of this college. The privilege of autonomy evoked the commitment of introducing innovation in teaching-leaning domain of Part II English language. As the members if English department are vested with the power and freedom of syllabus structure, new methodology in the classroom, materials preparation, assessment of learning process, stress on communication skills have been undertaken vigorously. B.A English literature under self finance course was established in the year 2015.

The Department has a language laboratory with a modern software, smart tv, hearing aids, and air condition to improve the proficiency of the learners, which can accommodate 30 students. The department library has nearly 2000 books for Part II language and Literature students. The department had offered two certificate courses.

The Department of English conducts Enrichment camp for all the students every semester. Apart from teaching the faculty members of the department has contributed to the administration of the institution, Dr.K.Subramaniam served as Principal, Dr.Ilango worked as Vice Principal, and Dr.B.Ramamoorthy served as Principal. Mr.P.Kumaresan,and Dr.S.Bharathiraja were appointed as Assistant Professors in the department during the academic year of 2014-2015. Dr.P.Saravanakumar appointed as Assistant Professor during the academic year of 2015-2016, SF Scheme. Dr.K.Bharathi Raj, and Mr.M.Saravanakumar appointed as Assistant Professor during the academic year of 2017-2081, SF Scheme. Dr.N.Venkadsubbu, former Head of the Department, appointed as Co-ordinator of the department during the academic year of 2018-2019, SF Scheme.

Vision & Mission

✔ The department of English is entrusted with the commitment of imparting the basic aspects of English to the budding youths who aspire for higher education and with the task of moulding the agile adolescents as swift and synergy borne healthy citizens with sterling character.


✔ The department of English has initiated to tap the potentials of younger generation in learning English as the second language; has taken extraordinary interest in making the students acquire the communication skills, hone the soft skills and develop the art of creative thinking in English, and had planned to groom their personality in splendid rank.

Goals & Objectives:

✔ To acquire the knowledge of English Grammar.

✔ To apply the knowledge of Grammar for enhancement of speaking and writing skills.

✔ To apply the LSRW skills in personal and professional spheres r.

✔ To create the acquired language skill.

✔ To make English language learning effective and resultant job prospects.

✔ To motivate them to improve their analytical skills and reference skills in English .

✔ To cultivate the aptitude and aesthetic sense in English.

UG – Part II – Language

B.A. English (Self-Financing)

Certificate Courses

1. Communicative Competence

2. Executive Communication

UGC Career Oriented Course – Certificate Course in Communicative Competence in English<\strong>

S.No Name Photo Designation Profile
1 Sri. P. Kumaresan Assistant Professor 
2 Dr. S. Bharathiraja Assistant Professor & Head(i/c)

Management / Self Financing

3 Dr. P. Saravanakumar Assistant Professor

Department Library:

✔ It has around 2000 books, for improving language and literature skills.

Board of Studies – University Nominees (from 29-04-2019 to 28-04-2021)
Dr. G. Sivasubramanian, 

Assistant Professor,

Department of English ,

The Madura College, Madurai.

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  • Batch 2018 – 2021

Innovative Practices:

✔ Language learning software

Best Practices:

✔ Language Proficiency

Future Plans of the Department:

✔ Plans to have Smart Class Rooms for all the classes

✔ Plants to establish UG &PG courses