Help Provided to Poor Students

The institution allots Rs.25,000/- every year for scholarships for the economically poor Students.
Some teachers identify the economically poor Students and pay their fees. They wish to remain anonymous.
They are on par with other Students in all the activities of the Gurukulam. The staff members encourage them in all the activities.
The management strives hard to get the scholarship and the loan scholarship for all the SC/ST Students as soon as possible. They can pay the mess dues after receiving the scholarship.
Peer Team Student Tutors and senior Students take care of the late bloomers belonging to these communities.
SC/ST Students constitute a major percentage of the total strength. Infact, next to Madurai Kamaraj University we receive the maximum amount of loan scholarship for SC/ST Students. Only for the purposes of reservation and scholarship their community certificate is produced.

Government Scholarships / freeships for the year 2016-2017

Name of Scholarship No. of Students Benefited Scholarship Amount (Rs.)
Loan Scholarships 149 10,82,500.00
BC & MBC Welfare 533 16,40,052.00
SC/ST 311 9,92,047.00

Earn while you Learn
Poor Students are motivated to serve in the Library, Kitchen, Dining Hall and Agricultural lands whenever they are free and they are paid for the work they have contributed.