ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT

Mathematics was taught as a subject in Pre–university classes from 1971 onwards – that was the year the college started functioning. Mathematics as an Ancillary subject was offered from the inception of B.Sc. Physics degree that is from the year 1973-74. From 1980-81 onwards B.Sc Degree in Mathematics major was offered and so Mathematics department became a full-fledged one. The college became autonomous in June 1987. So the department had freedom to chart its own course. Syllabus was framed in 1987 and updated periodically to cater to the career needs of the students. But while framing and updating the syllabus, Mathematics department has always kept in mind the main stake holders are rural students. So fundamental Mathematics was always a part of the syllabus. When the need arose Computer oriented papers, Competitive mathematics, Operations research, Vedic mathematics, Value education, Environmental science etc were also incorporated in the syllabus.
The department also did not fall back in repaying its social obligations. Our students, guided by the department teachers, become resource persons to teach mathematical concepts, vedic maths, yoga etc to the school students. Learning becomes easier by laboratory activities and by building mathematical models. Our students practise this and their innovations are exhibited and explained in the three day Mathematics Exhibition for Rural Masses conducted once in 2 years. Our students are encouraged to participate enthusiastically in all the college endeavors and activities like NSS, NCC, controlling the public during functions and festival times, election duties, temple cleanliness etc.

To raise a battalion of maths graduates equipped with logical thinking and tender heart to serve our motherland as potential leaders in the manifold spheres of national effort.
Enriching the mental, emotional and intellectual facts of maths students to cope up with any career that they choose and to strive to attain perfection in life.

Programmes Offered

1. Competitive Mathematics
2. Quantitative Aptitude
Special Features
Separate Computer Lab.
Vedic Mathematics Club.


Photo Name Designation Email ID:
Sri. P. Natarajan Head & Associate Professor pnrmaths1960@gmail.com
Sri. G. Sanjeevi Associate Professor sanjeevigurusamy@gmail.com
Dr. C. Rajan Assistant Professor rajanc2012@gmail.com

Faculty (Management / Self Financing)

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Sri.T.Ponnuchamy Assistant Professor tponnuchamy@gmail.com
Sri. M. Nagaraj Assistant Professor srinagarajmaths@gmail.com