Innovative Practice
Introduction of specified major subjects in skill based subject (SBS) during the final year of the program with a curriculum design to face competitive/Entrance exams extend a chance to have holistic subject knowledge and revise the subject that develops confidence to meet the current challenges.
Providing answer-scripts with stipulated-space allotment for each question inculcates the students to write the answer in nutshell that envisages subject understanding and concise writing ability.
Provision for the allotment of marks to Viva-Voce in practical examination in PG curriculum initiates understanding, application, critical and analytical thinking in the subject among students..
Introduction of Part VI apart from regular curriculum comprising G.K., Spiritual education, Wit for wisdom and humor for health, Citizenship training, Self study scheme and Physical education provides an opportunity for the students to acquire knowledge on current events, ethics, reduce stress, imbibe patriotism, develop self confidence and improves mental and physical health of the students.
Provision of mark statements in grading system provides opportunity for horizontal mobility to other institutions.
Certificate and Diploma courses with practical training offered apart from regular courses provide ample opportunity for the students to develop their skills so as to get ready to become an entrepreneur after completing their regular programme.