About the Department:
            The Department of History was started in 1980. It offers B.A., History course since its inception. Earlier to that from 1971, the year when the college was founded, History was taught as an Ancillary subject for B.A., Economics students. The College was made autonomous in 1988. The academic freedom to make innovative changes in the syllabus and teaching-learning process has helped the Department to provide an effective and quality education to its student community who almost are first learners and are from rural background. The entire syllabus is so balanced that it introduces various aspects of History which is useful for competitive examinations and motivate the students for Higher Education and Research. The Department arranges Field trip, Spot lectures, Workshops, Seminars and Special lectures delivered by distinguished scholars. The Staff and Students take part in many of the Cultural events that highlight our Heritage and makes exhibition for rural masses.
To envision a School of Historical Studies that through the lessons of History is to produce young men – vibrant, competent, well-informed, broad-minded, and socially responsible.
To design a course integrating curriculum, career and community.
To offer a well-developed programme that forms the basis for pursuing higher studies and research in History and related course.
To make History a vocational subject, History major is ideal for students who wish to become Teachers, Professors, Archaeologists, Epigraphists, Museum Keepers, Civil Servants, Lawyers, and Journalists etc.
To create the historical conscience in students and help them identify, respect and conserve their culture and heritage.
To engage the community or the general public in numerous historical programs and activities. The aim is to kindle the interest in history and respect the culture of our nation.
To introduce different aspects of History.
To implement a reading programme.
To have more field trips and spot lectures.
To improve English language skill.
To increase student’s participation in classroom.
To implement a Personality Development Programme.
To nurture healthy hobbies like Philately and Numismatics.
To teach keyboarding and computer skills.
To provide career guidance for History Students.
To prepare for Competitive Examinations UPSC, SSC, RRB, TNPSC, TRB and TET.
To involve students in the conservation of Historical sites and monuments.

Course Offered

UG B.A. History.
Certificate Courses 1.Philately, 2. Numismatics.
Dr. N. Nagendran Head & Associate Professor Click Here
Dr. T. Kalliappan Associate Professor Click Here
Mr. P. Kumaresan Assistant Professor Click Here
Mr. V. Murugan Assistant Professor Click Here

Department Library:

The Department has well equipped separate library. It has 2648 books.