Information and Communication Technology Facilities / Audi Visual Equipments / Teaching Aids

Facilities Number
Computers in the college 243
Computers in the Labs 196
Computers in the library    4
Computers in the Departments 20
Computers in the Smart Class Rooms   3
Computers in the Science Instrumentation Room  3
Computers in the office Room
(Main Office-8, Autonomous Office-5, IQAC-2, Gurukulam-1&Principal office-1)
Lap tops in the Departments 13
Lap tops in others  4
LCD projectors 15
OHP 11
Slide projectors 1
TV/VCP/Cable connection 6
DVD players 6

Student Amenity Centre

The Student Amenity Centre of the college provides the following necessities for the students.

Students can avail photocopying facility (Xerox).

All necessary stationeries and edible items are available in the store.

Students can use coin phone facility round the clock.

Fresh fruits are available in the Fruit Stall.

Community Health Care Centre

Doctor : Dr.C.Murgappa, M.B.B.S.

Staff i/c : Dr .A.Satheesh Babu

Assistant Professor of Economics

A Community Health Care centre is situated in the campus itself where a qualified Doctor from Sholavandan visits thrice a week. There is an attendant available round the clock for any emergency first aid service. Essential medicines like paracetamol, cough syrup, antibiotic capsules, ointments etc., are available.

In case of emergency we go to Madurai for better medical treatment with the transport facilities available in the campus round the clock.

Three faculty members provide guidance for medical consultation and treatment.

Students Safety Insurance Policy of New India Assurance Company made compulsory for all Students covering up to Rs. 85, 000/- per Student.