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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organisation comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth – ‘The Leaders of Tomorrow’ – into disciplined and patriotic citizens. The genesis of the NCC can be traced back to the First World War when the British created the University Corps as the second line of defense and to have a large pool of trained youth available for employment into the Armed Forces.

After independence the present day NCC under the Ministry of Defence came into existence on 16 Apr 1948 through NCC act XXXI, 1948. NCC was formally inaugurated on 15 Jul 1948 as soon as the schools and colleges reopened after summer vacation. The Girls Division of the NCC was started in Jul 1949. In 1950 Air Wing was added on 01 Apr with one Air squadron each at Bombay and Kolkata. The Naval Wing of the NCC was raised in Jul 1952, thus completing the true representation of all services in the Corps. Presently, NCC has approximately 13 Lakhs Cadets under its fold.

Aim of NCC :
1. To Develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, and Ideals of Selfless Service amongst the Youth of the Country.
2. To Create a Human Resource of Organized, Trained and Motivated Youth, To Provide Leadership in all Walks of life and be Always Available for the Service of the Nation.
3. To Provide a Suitable Environment to Motivate the Youth to Take Up a Career in the Armed Forces.
Cardinals of Discipline:
1. Obey with a smile
2. Be punctual
3. Work hard and without fuss
4. Make no excuses and tell no lies.

Unity and Discipline


Staff Pattern

Training forms the backbone of the NCC. This gives not only the shape and form to the corps but controls all the sensitive and vital nerves of the organisation. A tremendous amount has been achieved by the corps through its well regulated system of intensive training which includes Basic, Advance and Specialised training, with major stress being laid on training camps. The training in the NCC is conducted through a three-tier system of training staff, consisting of Regular Officers, Whole Time Officers, Whole Time Lady Officers, Associate NCC Officers (ANOs), Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs), Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and their equivalents from the Navy and the Air Force as Permanent Instructor Staff, Girl Cadet Instructors (GCIs), Civil Gliding Instructors (CGIs), Ship Modelling Instructors (SMIs) and Aero Modelling Instructors (AMIs).


Our College NCC

In our college, before starting NCC, Vivekananda College Cadet Corps was started in 6.12.1978, under the guidance of our founder Swamiji Chidbhavananda Maharaj, with consisting of 40 selective students. In 1979, the National Cadet Corps was started on 29th August 1979 under the leadership of II Lt. M. Purushothaman with consisting of 93 cadets. From 1981 to 1984 Lt. R. Vanniarajan was the NCC officer. From 1984 to 2011 Major P Chandrasekar was the NCC officer of our college. NCC cadets of our college have their own life style, service style, work style, cultural style in engaging and committing themselves in multifarious training and extension programmes on the campus and off the campus. The enrollment of cadets in our college NCC has been given below.

Nominal Roll of NCC cadets 2005-06 to 2010-11
Sl.No Year No. of Cadets enrolled
I Year II Year III Year Total
1 2005-06 91 50 19 160
2 2006-07 69 72 23 164
3 2007-08 75 56 35 165
4 2008-09 54 41 35 130
5 2009-10 71 54 5 130
6 2010-11 64 65 4 133
7 2011-12 65 65 - 130
8 2012-13 72 58 - 130
9 2013-14 44 72 - 116
10 2014-15 42 44 - 86

Activities of NCC

2005 - 06

With all spirit, the NCC Company of our college functions systematically with principle and culture. With 160 cadets the unit profusely serves the community and is rigorously trained to the core both on and off the campus.

Five of our cadets with vitality and vigour have reached State Level RDC and TSC Competition. Our cadets have got selected and participated at many National Level Army Attachment Expeditions at Bangalore, Mysore and Punjab.

In addition, our cadets have participated in State Level Camps at Chennai and Trichy. Besides, a Regional Level camp was attended by 60 cadets towards their certificate examination.

Our NCC officer was appointed and served as Deputy Camp Commandant and Training Officer and adjutant in the RDC Selection Camp and CATC.

U/O Sathyabalakrishnan participated in the Army Attachment Camp at Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. All the cadets of this unit have contributed their mighty contribution for the successful conduct of Science Exhibition.

Our NCC Officer has presented two papers at SASTRA in National Seminar on “Challenges and Opportunities for NCC – Vision 2020”, presided over by our Governor of Tamil Nadu. Yet another feather to this NCC unit is that is have attained 95% result in the certificate examination and got the coveted rolling cup established for the first time in NCC.

NCC- Training Activities 2005 - 2006
From To Programme Place Participants
28.05.05 08.06.05 IMA Attachment Camp Dehradun 1
01.06.05 15.06.05 Army Attachment Camp Bangalore 3
14.06.05 14.06.05 NIC Punjab 2
20.06.05 01.07.05 NIC Chennai 1
19.06.05 03.07.05 Mavalankar All India Shooting Trichy, NC 1
29.06.05 10.07.05 CATC Trichy, NIC 19
13.07.05   Enrollment Prayer Hall I Year
13.07.05 24.07.05 TSC – launch Trichy 1
04.08.05 15.08.05 TSC – IGC Virudhunagar 1
08.08.05 18.08.05 AAC Chennai 7
05.08.05 16.08.05 IGC – RDC (L) Trichy – NC 5
02.09.05 13.09.05 Pre IGC(RDC) Trichy – NC 5
02.09.05 10.09.05 Mavalankar Shooting Trichy NC 1
23.09.05 04.10.05 IGC- RDC Trichy NC Major P Chandrasekar + 27 cadets
23.11.05 05.12.05` CATC HKRH College, Uthamapalayam Major P Chandrasekar + 62 cadets
21.11.05 04.11.05 Shiraji Trik Maharashtra 2
05.12.05 07.12.05 Science Exhibition College Campus All NCC Cadets
03.02.06 13.06.06 NIC Mysore 1
03.03.06 04.03.06 NCC Seminar SASTRA, Tanjore Major P Chandrasekar
07.03.06   Inter Competition Thiyagarajar College 24 cadets
12.03.06   Certificate B BN HQ – GTN C 51 Cadets
18.03.06   Certificate C BN HQ – GTN C 17 Cadets

2006 - 07

With the NCC’s vital Motto “Unity and Discipline”, our NCC Cadets excel widely in this training also. Besides their regular institutional training many cadets have participated regional level, state level and national level camps.

Few of them to be mentioned are Inter Unit Camp (at NIT, Trichy) Thal Sainik Camp, (at Virudhunagar), the Inter Group state level RD Camp (at Trichy), Annual Training Camp (at Uthamapalayam), Adventure Trek National Camp (at Dibrugarh), etc.

Two of our cadets namely Cpl. Jayaprakash and Cpl. Vijayasankar were selected after rigorous selection to RD Camp at Delhi. The former was not able to attend due to chicken pox and later attended the RDC 2007.

Out cadets and officer under went the cycle expedition on general social awareness camp to Sathayar Dam and covered a distance of 70 kms. About 101 cadets have participated in the mass control and peace keeping programmes at various places in and around college campus.

In addition, many of our cadets are delegated with public distribution system, public addressing and public health programmes and our campus. Twelve of our cadets were selected to participate in the Personality Development programmes towards SSC and other super speciality competitive examinations organized by Commodore. Sekar at Battalion HQ.

NCC- Training Activities 2006 - 2007
From To Programme Place Participants
24.06.06 05.07.06 IUC – CATC NIT Trichy 39
06.07.06   MR & PS Theni Ashram 20
19.07.06   Officers Conference BN HQ, Dindigul NCC Officer
27.07.06 07.08.06 Pre IGC – I Karaikudi 12
30.07.06 10.08.06 TSC – IGC Virudhunagar 1
18.08.06   NIAP BN HQ, Dindigul NCC Officer
09.09.06 20.09.06 Pre IGC III JMC, Trichy 5
25.09.06 06.10.06 IGC – RDC BHL Trichy 5
12.09.06   Shooting Competetion BN HQ, Dindigul 7
06.09.06   DY. DG Conference BN HQ, Dindigul NCC Officer
20.11.06 01.12.06 CATC HKRH C, UPM 1+60 Cadets
06.12.06 06.02.07 RDC New Delhi CPL Vijayasankar
07.12.06 20.12.06 All India Advanced Trek Tibrugarh Cpl. Veerasholan
22.12.06 2.01.07 NIC Changanacherry 2 Cadets
31.12.06   Cycle Expedition Sathiyar Dam 140 Cadets
01.02.07   B Board Meet, BN HQ, Dindigul NCC Officer
02.02.07   MR & PS Amirtha Vijayam 1 + 99 Cadets
19.02.07   Civil Defence Tank JAC, Periyakulam NCC Officer
20.02.07   CO’s Visit College Unit  R Suresh
21.02.07   MR & PS Pannaikadu VMS 15 Cadets
22.02.07   SSB Coaching GTN – BN HQ Dgl. 1 + 10 Cadets
23.02.07   MR & PS Saradha Samithi 1 + 20 Cadets
24.02.07   Certificate B Exam GTNC, BN HQ 69 Cadets
05.03.07   MR & PS VMS Jayanthi 10 Cadets
09.03.07   MR & PS NPS Jayanthi, TW 1 + 10 Cadets
17.03.07   Group Banner Meet BN HQ NCC Officer
18.03.07   C Board Meet BN HQ NCC Officer
23.03.07   CO Felicitation BN HQ NCC Officer
27.03.07   State Level Seminar AAC Karumathur 1+15 Cadets
30.03.07   Professional Award Trichy Group HQ In Absentia
30.04.07   RDC 2008 Selection College Campus I Year Cadets

2007 - 08

NCC units of our college is in its 29th year of training, service and development. Like previous decades, our cadets have performed exemplary activities on and off the campus. Our 160 cadets earned laurels at multifarious camps. Few of the camps were CAT (at Trichy and Coimbatore), TSC (at Karaikudi), NIC (at Punjab and West Bengal), AAC (at Hyderabad).

Our cadets discharged mass control and resources distribution at various places including one important programme at Sri Thayumanavar Center at Ramanathapuram on 30th and 31st January 2008. On 2nd October 2007, 140 cadets along with 100 NSS volunteers underwent cycle expedition cum rally for world peace to Madurai Gandhi Museum, Thirupparankundram and Madurai Kamaraj University.

On 22nd January 2008, our NCC unit had organized a regional level cadets’ colloquium on which various issues on National, Global nature were presented, discussed and debate by the cadets from various colleges.

In the last training year the results of the Certificate B and C examinations were 100% and 94% respectively. From the current year as the NCC Training Programme is restricted to 2 years, cadets can acquire B and C examination at the end of 1st and 2nd year respectively. This year 111 cadets of 1st and 2nd year appeared for B certificate examination and 33 cadets have appeared for C certificate examination at Battalion HQ at Dindigul. Lt Cl. Sunil Anand (3CTC) and Lt. Sanjay Anand (14TN Girls Bt), Major P Chandrasekar and Capt. Mrs. Viji were the board of commandant and Training Officer at CATC, Palani. He was also earmarked as a member of Board Meet for Certificate C held at Trichy Group HQ on 18th March 2008. Cpl. Rajesh Kannan and Cpl. Sanjayan Sharma after their rigorous training on Drill and Cultural events were selected and participated the prestigious RD camp at New Delhi.

NCC- Training Activities 2007 - 2008
From To Programme Place Participants
26-05-07 28-05-07 TSC Cadre College Campus 9
28-05-07 31-05-07 TSC Cadre BN HQ DGL 6
15-06-07 16-06-07 RDC Cadre College Campus 17
17-06-07 19-06-07 RDC Cadre BN HQ DGL 26
20-06-07 01-07-07 IUC Competitions NIT, Trichy 26
07-07-07 18-07-07 CATC HKRHC,UPM 51
23-07-07 03-08-07 CATC JMC,Trichy 10
25-08-07 05-09-07 CATC-Pre IGC Karaikudi 4
03-09-07 14-09-07 NIC West Bengal UO Prasanna
22-09-07 04-10-07 IGC-RDC Udumalpet 4
02-10-07   World Peace Rally Madurai 140 + ANO
19-11-07 03-12-07 Army Attachment Hederabad 4
17-11-07 28-11-07 NIC Punjab SUO Jayaprakash
26-01-08   Cadet’s Colloquium College Campus All cadets
30-01-08 31-01-08 Mass Control & PDS Ramnad 60 + ANO+RA
23-02-08   Certificate B Exam Dindigul,HQ 111
16-03-08   Certificate B Exam Dindigul,HQ 33

2008 - 09

In the history of Vivekananda College NCC, its contingent cadets consistently excel in their all-pervading services at Institutional training and camp training; indoor and out door services; short term and long term programmes, whether small or large in a simple and humble manner with perfection and principle; with charisma and culture and systematism and sincerity.

The foremost point of this training year is that two our cadets Corporal Mohanraj and Corporal Sakthidasan have participated Republic Day Camp 2009 at Garrison Parade Ground, New Delhi by their outstanding merit in Prime Minister’s Rally and Inter Services Guard of Honour. Our cadets have also participated Annual Training camp at Tanjore and Usilampatti in August and November 2008 respectively. Major P. Chandrasekaran, Company Commander of this NCC Unit served as Deputy Camp Commandant and Training Officer for the basic selection of cadets to RDC 2010. He also served as Contingent Commander for the Army Camp at EME HQ at Secunderabad in February 2009. On Gandhi Jayanti, as an Off-campus social service programme, 121 cadets along with NCC officer rendered services at Joseph Blind School, Paravai and underwent cycle expedition to Vadipatti church and to an Eco-centre Janani Gardens. Another feature in the Gurukulam is that the NCC has organized the meritorious students to participate the Global Noble Laureate Science Conclave at IIIT, Allahabad in January 2009. Three Merit cadets namely Under Officer Keerthivarman, Sergeant Sabthar and Gorporal Muthuraja have participated in the above deliberations. In addition, our competent cadets have dedicated their mass control and resources distribution programme with devotion at Sri Ramakrishna Mutt- Madurai, Sri Ramakrishna Ashram at Devipattinam, Tayumanavar Temple at Ramanathapuram, Mata Amirth Vijayam at Madurai and at Amirtha Ashram-Pasumalai, Sarada Samidhi, Madurai Sarada Ashram and Old age home at Elumalai, Mariamman temple at Sholavandan and Dakshinamoorthy temple at Kuruvithurai.

NCC - Training Activities 2008 - 2009
From To Programme Place Participants
26.05.07 28.05.07 TSC Cadre College Campus 9
28.05.07 31.05.07 TSC Cadre BN HQ DGL 6
15.06.07 16.06.07 RDC Cadre College Campus 17
17.06.07 19.06.07 RDC Cadre BN HQ DGL 26
20.06.07 01.07.07 IUC Competitions NIT Trichy 26
07.07.07 18.07.07 CATC HKRHC, UPM 51
23.07.07 03.08.07 CATC Jmc, Trichy 10
25.08.07 05.09.07 CATC-Pre IGC Karaikudi 4
03.09.07 14.09.07 NIC West Bengal UO Prasanna
22.09.07 04.10.07 IGC – RDC Udumalpet 4
02.10.07   World Peace Rally Madurai 140 + ANO
19.11.07 03.12.07 Army Attachment Hyderabad 4
17.11.07 28.11.07 NIC Punjab SUO Jayaprakash
26.01.08   Cadet’s Colloquium College Campus All cadets
30.01.08 31.01.08 Mass Control & PDS Ramnad 60 + ANO +RA
23.02.08   Certificate B Exam BN HQ, DGL 111
16.03.08   Certificate C Exam BN HQ, DGL 33

2009 - 10

Under the stewardship of the Commanding Officer Colonel Chetan the Group Commander and Colonel P K Singh the training year of our cadets was full of vibrant activities in the campus and in the off campus. 10 cadets have participated in the State Level RDC camp after rigorous and remarkable training at various levels. One Sergeant B Kalimuthu II B.Sc. had attended the prestigious Republic Day Contingent Camp at Garrison Parade Ground, New Delhi. On 2nd October Gandhi Jayanti day celebrations, a seminar on social, environmental, health and legal awareness promotion for NCC cadets was conducted. Professor M. Valluvan and Advocate C. Ramasamy addressed the cadets. Our cadets have participated combined annual training camps at Kumbakonam, Trichy, Tanjore, Punalkulam, Dharapuram, Usilampatti, Chennai and Andaman Nicobar Islands. Our cadets have been called to manage the public distribution system and mass control at various educational institutions namely Saradha Samidhi Madurai, VMS at Sholavandan, NPS at Tiruvedakam west ant Tayumanavar Temple at Ramanathapuram. Three of our cadets have participated 2nd Science Conclave at IIIT Allahabad in the month of December. 111 cadets have discharged marvelous and meticulous service at Kundukal, Pamban on 26-01-2010 managing the visitors 10000+ by serving traffic control, mass control and food distribution. SGT Ram Kumar had participated and presented a paper on “NCC an Apt Extracurricular Activity” at NAAC sponsored IQAC seminar at St.Jude’s College, Thoothoor, M.S. University.

NCC- Training Activities 2009 - 2010
From To Programme Place Participants
02.06.09   ANO’s Conference BN HQ DGL Major PCS
10.06.09 19.06.09 CATC Kumbakonam Cadets
21.06.09 30.06.09 CATC Trichy Cadets
3.08.09 12.08.09 IGC Launch I Tanjore Cadets
17.08.09 26.08.09 IGC Launch II Punalkulam Cadets
5.09.09 15.09.09 IGC Launch III Tanjore Cadets
25.09.09 04.19.09 IGC State Level Dharapuram Cadets
02.10.09   NCC Seminar College Campus Prof. Valluvan & Adv. C. Ramasamy
12.10.09 22.10.2009 Training Camp Trichy Cadets
21.11.09 30.11.09 CATC Usilampati Cadets
10, 01.2010   PDC, Mass Control VMS, Pannaikadu Major PCS + Cadets
9.12.09 18.12.09 Pre RDC Training I Chennai 2
19.12.09 28.12.09 Pre RDC Training II Chennai 2
29.12.2010 2.02.2010 RDC Garrison Parade Ground, ND -do-
24.12.2010 02.01.2010 CATC GAC, Kumbakonam Major PCS + Cadets
February 2010   NIC Andaman ISLands CPL Velmurugan
25.01.2010 27.01.2010 PDS, Mass Control Kundukal, Pamban Major PCS + 111 Cadets
06.02.2010   PDS, Mass Control Ramanathapuram, Major PCS + 60 Cadets
1302.2010 14.02.2010 Certificate B Exam GTNC, BN HQ 66 Cadets
31.07.2010   Mass Control Service VMS Sholaandan Cadets
19.03.2010   Mass Control Service NPS, T West Cadets
27.06.2010   Mass Control Sevice Saradha Samithi Major PCS + Cadets
05.03.2010   NAAC-IQAC Seminar Thoothoor, MSC Major PCS + SGT C Ramkumar
05.03.2009 13.12.2009 2nd Conclave Nobel Laureate middle IIIT, Allahabad Cadets

2010 - 11

NCC cadets of our college have their own life, service style, work style, cultural style in engaging and committing themselves in multifarious training and extension programme on the campus and off the campus. They have attended 40 training periods officially as on institutional training. 36 extra training periods extra officially and 22 farm service extension programme at our Holy Ashram. Presently 130 cadets are on the roll. 69 cadets have appeared for B Certificate Examination and 49 cadets are going to appear for Certificate C examination (Mach 13, 2011). In the previous training year certificate examinations, all cadets have secured pass with good grades.

All cadets have undergone combined annual training camp at Uthamapalayam and Usilampatti respectively during May 2010 and November 2010. Consequently 17 cadets were able to reach the zonal level competition, 7 cadets to the state level and 1 cadet to the National level. In addition our cadets have attended all India Trekking Expeditin and National Integration Camps at Assam, Bilai and Nagercoil.

Our cadets have rendered one week marathon residential round the clock service at Sri Ramakrishna Devotee’s State Level Conference conducted under the auspices of Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, Narayanapuram, Madurai from 29th November 2010 to 6th December 2010. Various activities they had rendered were reception, accommodation, auditorium arrangements, food distribution, mass orientation and control, first aid, dismantling, publication service, security, traffic control and escorting VIP and the aged. In addition to the above our cadets have also spared their time in serving various institutions in orientation and maintenance of discipline including resources distribution.

Like yester years, this year a cadet by name CPL Bakyaraj II BSc Physics had an opportunity to participate in RDC event at New Delhi.

NCC- Training Activities 2010 - 2011
Period Programme Place Participants
May 13,14-2010 Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Meet RK Mutt, Madurai P.Chandrasekaran
A.Satheesh Babu + 66
May 15-24, 2010 CATC HKRHC – Uthamapalayam 47 cadets
May 20-29, 2010 TSC Alagappa University 2 cadets
June 8-10, 2010 Orientation Programme IUC Battalion HQ DGL 1+17 cadets
June 11-20, 2010 Inter Unit competition National Institute of Technology, Trichy 17 cadets
June 22,23, 2010 Mass control and discipline orientation Mariamman temple at Sholavandan 1+ 44 cadets
July 7,2010 Entry to IAF College campus LAC Natarajan +1+ 130 cadets
July 3-7, 2010 Orientation for IGC – Launch Raja Serfoji College, Tanjore 7 cadets
Sep 14-23, 2010 Pre IGC – Launch camp Agirucltural college, Trichy 7 cadets
Sep-Oct 2010 IGC – RDC State Level BHEL campus 6 cadets
20 Oct 2010 Pre-RDC Orientation NIT Trichy Cadet Bhakyaraj II Physics
Nov 22, 2010 CATC PMTC-Usilampatti 1+69  cadets Major PCS as DyCC and CTO
Dec 1-5, 2010 Mass & Resources  control, security, Traffic control Conference on Ramakrishna at Sourashtra school P.Chandrasekaran,
A. Satheesh Babu +125  + 10 Ex cadets + 6 NSS
Nov 5-24, 2010 All India Trekking NER, Assam UO Nirendran + 2 cadets
Nov 10-24, 2010 National Integration camp Bhilai, Madhyapradesh UO Ramkumar + 2 cadets
Dec 6-26, 2010 Pre-RDC Launch I and Launch II camp Air Force Station -Avadi CPL Bhakyaraj II BSc Physics
Jan 9-20, 2011 National Integration camp II Nagercoil 4 cadets
Jan 1-31, 2011 Republic Day celebrations 2011 Garrison Parade Army Ground, New Delhi CPL Bhakyaraj II BSc Physics
Jan 1, 2011 Trekking expedition Tirupparankundram hill 1+120  cadets
Jan 1, 2011 Mass control and Resource distribution Sirumalai Hills 10 cadets
Jan 4, 2011 Mass control and resources distribution Othakadai 45 cadets
Jan 5-8, 2011 Mass control and Physical training VMS – Pannaikadu UO Kalimuth and UO Ramkumar + 25 cadets
Jan 22,23, 2011  Mass control and resources distribution Mata Amirtananda visit, Madurai 1+ 100 cadets
Jan 24-27, 2011 Mass control VMS – Devipattinam 10 cadets
Jan 26,27 2011 Mass control and Food distribution Tayumanavar Temple, Ramanathapuram A.Satheesh Babu + 50 cadets
Jan 9, 2011 Workshop on testing procedures for IAS and Armed forces College campus 1+ 129 cadets + open candidates from other colleges

2011 - 12

This year 130 cadets are on the roll. 60 cadets have appeared for certificate “C” examination on 25th February 2012. 66 cadets have appeared for certificate “B” examination on 10th march 2012. In the previous training year examinations, 125 cadets have secured pass with good grades.

17 cadets attended CATC cum TSC camp at Karaikudi from 16-05-2011 to 25.05.2011. 16 cadets attended CATC for IUC training at National Institute of Technology, Trichy from 27.05.2011 to 05.06.2011. 16 cadets participated in the zonal level competitions. 3 cadets participated in the state level competitions. SGT M.A.Sridharan of II-B.Sc (Maths) and SGT V.Jayaprakash of II-B.A(History) attended all the camps and the state level competitions.

Tree Saplings Planting programme was organized by NCC on 27-08-2011. Sri K.Ilanchezian, Forest Range Officer, was the Chief Guest.

135 NCC cadets with NCC Care Taker Prof.V.Rajendran and teachers participated in the Prohibition of Tobacco rally organized from our college to Sholavandan on 17-09-2011.

Gandhi Jayanthi Day Celebrations were organized by NCC in collaboration with the staff offering Certificate Course on Gandhian Thought on 02-10-2011. Dr.Muthulakhsmi, Principal, College of Gandhian Thought, Madurai was the chief guest.

Three cadets participated in the Pre-RDC Camp held at Trichy from 20th September to 10th October 2011.

Three cadets participated in the National Camp held at Uttarkant from 28th September to 19th October 2011.

Various services they rendered were reception, accommodation, auditorium arrangements, food distribution, mass orientation and control, first aid, dismantling, publication service, security, traffic control and escorting VIP and aged. In addition to the above, our cadets spared their time in serving various institutions in orientation and maintenance of discipline including resources distribution.

NCC- Training Activities 2011 - 2012
Month Period Programme Place Participants
From To
MAY 16.05.2011 25.05.2011 CATC-CUM-TSC AUCPE-Karaikudi 17-cdts
27.05.2011 05.06.2011 CATC For IUC TRAINING NIT-Thuvakudi 16-cdts
28.05.2011 08.06.2011 NIC Nagaland 4-cdts
JUNE 09.06.2011 18.06.2011 CATC-CUM-IUC NIT-Thuvakudi 16-cdts
-- MASS CONTROL Sholavandan-Mariamman temple  UO.R.Guruboopathi,
R.Udayamoorthi,+ 47 cdts
25.06.2011 04.07.2011 CATC-CUM-IGC FOR TSC ADAC-Trichy 05-cdts
JUL 12.07.2011 -- 1st  Year Candidates Selection HSS-Ground PI Staff Mr.Dhanasekaran,
Mr.Advendssingh + Sri.V.RAJENDRAN +UO’s + candidates
22.07.2011 31.07.2011 CATC-CUM-RDC-TSC(B) PMT College,
AUG 05.08.2011 14.08.2011 DTE TSC Shooting Capsule –CUM-PRE RDC-IGC AUCPE-Karaikudi 05-cdts
16.08.2011 -- ANO Meeting Jamal Mohamad College-Trichy Sri.V.Rajendran
26.08.2011 -- Mass Control-Annual Day Function Sri Saratha Girls Hr Sec School. Madurai Sri.V.RAJENDRAN + UO.K.Selvaganapathy
UO.C.Kandakumar, UO.R.Udayamoorthi, +16 cdts
17.08.2011 26.08.2011 CATC-CUM-TSC(B)-PRE RDC-IGC AUCPE-Karaikudi 05-cdts
27.08.2011 -- Sapling Plantation College A.V.Hall, Front of Vishnu Building Mr.K.Elanchelion, Forest Range Officer + All NCC Cadets
27.08.2011 05.09.2011 CATC-CUM-PRE RDC-IGC MAM College, Siruganur 05-cdts
  29.08.2011 31.08.2011 Mass Control and Food Distribution in Science Exhibition College Campus All NCC Cadets
SEP 06.09.2011 15.09.2011 PRE RDC-IGC E.R,School, Trichy 04-cdts
17.09.2011 -- Anti Tobacco Rally Sholavandan All NCC Cadets
20.09.2011 29.09.2011 RDC-IGC-LAUNCH King’s college, Pudukkottai 03-cdts
30.09.2011 -- Save Energy Program College A.V.Hall Dr.P.K.Veeran + All NCC Cadets
30.09.2011 09.10.2011 CATC-CUM-RDC(IGC) Yadava college, Madurai 03-cdts
OCT 02.10.2011 -- Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations College A.V.Hall Dr.S.Muthu lakshmi, Mr.S.Mahalingm + All NCC Cadets
29.10.2011 07.11.2011 CATC-CUM-RDC       (Training Camp) Latha Mathavan College, Madurai 02-cdts
NOV 19.11.2011 20.11.2011 Pre Training Camp (CADRE) V.V.College UO.R.Guruboopathi,
UO. R.Vinothkumar + 65 cdts 
  21.11.2011 30.11.2011 ATC PMT College,
64 cdts
DEC 24.12.2011 -- Hanuman Jayanthi Othakadai, Madurai UO.C.Kandakumar, UO.R.Vinothkumar+28 cdts
01.01.2012 -- Trekking With Nature Watching Alagar Temple, Madurai Sri.V.Rajendran + 05 UO + 02 Acharya + 122 cdts
06.01.2012 08.01.2012 Mass Control-Annual Day Function Vivekananda          Metric Hr Sec School, Pannaikadu. UO.R.Guruboopathi,
UO. R.Vinothkumar, + 27 cdts
17.01.2012 19.01.2012 Mass Control and Food Distribution Thayumanavar Temple, Ramanathapuram. Sri.V.Rajendran + Sri.A.Satheeshbabu UO.K.Selvaganapathy,
UO. R.Vinothkumar,  + 48 cdts
23.01.2012 26.01.2012 Mass Control-Annual Day Function And Republic Day Vivekananda Middle School,
UO. R.Vinothkumar,
UO.R.Udayamoorthi, + 13 cdts
25.01.2012 -- Voters Day Celebration Sholavandan UO.C.Kandakumar + 10 cdts + NSS + YRC
26.01.2012 -- Republic Day Celebration + Live Programme, PM Rally at New Delhi Infront of Vivekanandar Shrine,A.V.Hall Sri.V.Rajendran + UO.R.Guruboopathi,
+ 122 cdts
FEB 25.02.2012 26.02.2012 Certificate “C” Examination G.T.N.Arts College, Dindugal UO.K.Selvaganapathy,
R.Vinothkumar, +59 cdts
25.02.2012 26.02.2012 Sri Ramakrishna Tapovanam Tirupparaithurai,
+28 cdts
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